Woman sparks debate over workers getting PTO for long periods of time: ‘Everyone should have a PTO’


People have spoken candidly about the mental and physical difficulties they face due to their periods and whether they should be on paid time off (PTO) because of it.

The topic was discussed on the Reddit Antiwork subreddit, where Tina, who goes by the username @CallMeWolfYouTuber, wrote, “Women should be given PTO during heavy periods. Do you agree?”

The poster also detailed how heavy periods can be quite ‘painful’ and difficult to manage, which is why women should take time off work for them.

“It’s so painful at times and it feels like all the energy has been sapped from your body,” she wrote. “Not to mention the desperate trips to disgusting public toilets and having to deal with the mess of emptying a [menstrual] cup or changing tampons without proper privacy.

“I’m curious to hear your opinions on this,” she added. “Do you think people with wombs should be given PTO or other accommodations during difficult times?”

Talk to The IndependentTina pointed out how people in difficult times should be greeted with paid sick leave, no questions asked.

“No invasive questions should be asked and no shame should take place,” she said. “We already feel enough pressure from society to ‘move on’ and ‘stop being dramatic’. I’ve seen women (myself included) struggle and suffer at work during heavy and uncomfortable and that just seems unfair to me. If other ailments are okay, why wouldn’t rules be a valid reason for accommodation?”

In response to the survey, which was upvoted more than 22,800 times, thousands of people detailed in the comments the importance of a PTO policy at work. However, they also said employees shouldn’t have to disclose that they’re taking time off because of their periods.

‘I think you want a generic PTO policy – the last thing you need is an idiot from HR to check your claim,’ one said, while another wrote: ‘ Everyone should have a PTO for the personal reasons they want to use it.”

Many others agreed, noting that workers could use their sick days when they had heavy periods.

“We just need sick days, and a generous number of them,” said one Reddit user. “So no need to provide any personal or uncomfortable information, just say you’re not feeling well and will miss work. My job theoretically has unlimited sick days and no reason is needed.

Other people chimed in to discuss menstrual cramps, with one expressing that “if you’re in terrible pain and can’t walk…you should probably have some time off.” However, according to a Reddit user, some women might end up feeling embarrassed asking for the day off.

“I think [the original poster] brings up a good point that women often feel guilty or ashamed for taking sick leave because of their periods, especially since we’ve often been told that periods aren’t that bad (when they are) “, she wrote. “We really need a better work culture where taking sick leave for any reason doesn’t require justification. I feel so guilty when I don’t work, even when I can’t.

On the other side of the coin, according to one Reddit user, PTO during periods is not a good idea, as they wrote: “If a company were forced to give you essentially a week of paid leave every month just because you are a woman I can promise you they would just stop hiring women or only hire older women who no longer have the problem.

Others simply answered the question with “no” and said that women should not enjoy “special privileges”.


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