Trump campaign floods digital airwaves with Debate Day advertising blitz


Washington – Ahead of the first one-on-one presidential debate, the Trump campaign called dibs on the YouTube homepage, requisitioning prime real estate atop the world’s second-largest search engine for 24 hours complete. Part of a 7-figure digital advertising blitz, the Trump campaign will feature a 2-minute clip of a viral YouTube video testimony praising the president on the site’s own masthead.

The new campaign ad, titled “I See A Way Out,” features Gary Lamb, a black truck driver who credits the president with giving him a “second chance” after battling depression and financial hardship.

A screenshot from a digital ad from President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign shows him thanking truck driver Gary Lamb in a tweet for his YouTube video praising the president.

YouTube / Trump campaign

“I see a way out,” Lamb says in the selfie-style video. “Something I’ve never seen before. I see a way out, man. And just that little bit of hope is enough for me to have a fire in my stomach strong enough to charge the damn world.”

The Trump campaign has secured the massive YouTube banner more than 20 times according to a campaign official, with the intention of buying the coveted advertising space for 72 hours until election day.

For more than $ 1 million, other new ads released by the campaign include “Abraham Accords,” which highlights the historic diplomatic deal inaugurated by the Trump administration between the leaders of Israel, the United Arab Emirates. and Bahrain.

Trump campaign launches new ads


A one-minute ad, “Teleprompter Joe,” alleges the former vice president is relying on a blower during talks, a claim the Biden campaign has largely hijacked. The Trump campaign and his supporters have released deceptive and deceptive videos attacking Biden’s mental acuity, stamina and use of a teleprompter in an attempt to describe the Democratic rival as “fainting” or “slipping” with age.

Another ad that debuted this week, “Surrender,” accuses Biden of “abandoning” the country to Coronavirus pandemic. The selectively edited clip shows the former vice president telling ABC News he would order a nationwide lockdown, but he leaves out the part where he asked him if he would take that step if scientists recommended it.

As the Biden campaign topped the president’s camp in TV commercials by more than 2 to 1 in September, according to CMAG / Kantar media, the president’s re-election bid continues to invest big in digital, spending more than $ 17. million dollars in online advertising this month alone.

“Throughout the day of the first debate, the Trump campaign secured the web’s most valuable real estate,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told CBS News. “For such a significant event in the most important election of our lives, this YouTube takeover demonstrates the stark contrast between President Trump’s record of accomplishments, especially for the black community, and Joe Biden’s record of empty rhetoric and failure for nearly half a century in the office. “

The significant use of Lamb’s tribute to the president is to highlight recent efforts to woo black Americans. Mr. Trump touted the First Step Act, new funding for historically black colleges and the rollout of the “Platinum Plan,” his second term “pledge to black America.” The “plan” includes a commitment to stimulate economic development and loan money to small black-owned businesses, and to designate June 19, or June 10, as a federal holiday.

In 2016, Mr. Trump won 8% of the black vote. This year, the outgoing president has struggled to maintain the same level of support: black voters overwhelmingly back his Democratic rival, recent reports show CBS News Battleground Tracker poll.

The Trump campaign is hoping that their latest ad purchase, and the nationwide organization by the 36-member Black Voices for Trump advisory board, will reverse this trend. “[Democrats] want to take the black voter for granted and they took the black voter for granted, ”Trump said at a panel discussion in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday.


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