TikTok of McDonald’s struggling to manage orders sparks debate over fast food delivery


Food deliveries have become an increasingly popular habit for many, after all, dinner is within reach.

But a TikTok video showed the reality of what happens when drivers receive a mountain of orders.

TikToker @ contravolta123_ shared footage of a McDonald’s where the counter is barely visible due to the large number of food orders scattered all over the place, ready to be picked up by delivery drivers.

As the caption on the screen says: “This is what happens when you take 45 minutes to make 1 order and no driver wants to collect.”

After going through TikToker’s previous videos, it looks like they’re based in the UK.

There appear to be at least 30 different commands in the shot as the TikToker circles the restaurant counter.

Since the posting of the large number of orders, the video has been viewed over 500,000 times – with nearly 30,000 likes and dozens of comments from people sharing their thoughts on what they just watched.

Some noted that this was a problem with food deliveries, and particularly mentioned McDonald’s as an example.

One person wrote: “The problem is that even though the drivers accept the order, it is very cold and the customer blames the driver. “

“The worst thing that ever happened to Maccies was to have third parties delivered,” said another.

Someone else added: “Explain why it is always cold and takes a long time to deliver.”

“Always refuse the order from McDonald’s, they are rude and always make the drivers wait 30 minutes,” replied a fourth person.

While the delivery drivers themselves provided insight into their work and why they would avoid scenarios like the one described in the TikTok.

One person wrote: “I stopped picking up from McDonald’s on busy nights, not worth it.”

“As a delivery driver, I never voluntarily accept orders from McDonald’s. They NEVER tip enough and always waste your time, ”said another.

Someone else added: “Some driver is going to wait 45 minutes just to earn £ 5 [over $6] for the delivery.

“As a driver, I quickly learned not to take orders in places that take a long time. Even if the tip is good. The wait is not worth it, ”replied a fourth person.

Indy100 has contacted McDonald’s for comment.


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