The public health debate over masks and Covid isolation continues today –


The public health debate over masks and Covid isolation continues today

The Public Health Commission will resume debate this afternoon on the new strategy for living with Covid by eliminating the need for isolation by asymptomatic patients, and general testing of people in general, to enter a new “phase Covid” which will focus on severe cases and vulnerable environments.

The Directors General of Public Health, the Ministry of Health and the regional health authorities have been working on this document for several weeks and say they are very close to a general agreement of all parties on the direction to take.

Once finalized, the new strategy to combat Covid-19 will open up a new pandemic management scenario in which only serious cases and vulnerable settings will be monitored, the use of detection tests will be left to the discretion of healthcare professionals. healthy and asymptomatic people will not need to isolate.

In this new Covid phase, people who test positive in “vulnerable environments such as nursing homes, and in the case of hospitalized patients, they will have to be isolated for at least five days because that is when they are the most vulnerable.

However, the general population quarantines, which are currently seven days, and the resulting sick leave could also come to an end.


This is how it was explained last Friday: “Quarantines will disappear in the general population, which will not benefit from sick leave unless, as happens in other respiratory infections, they present certain symptoms of illness such as fever, general malaise or difficulty in breathing”. that prevent you from working for a few days.

The Public Health Commission also has the task of revealing when this new stage of the pandemic will begin, at a time when the incidence is slowly increasing. Last Friday, it rose 13 points to 445, but hospital pressure continues to fall, also at a slow pace, with ICU admissions down 6.5% and wards down 3.6%.


Current epidemiological data continued to preclude a general consensus among all health authorities regarding the use of masks indoors.

Madrid representative Enrique García Escudero yesterday insisted that the Health Ministry must include the debate on ‘when, how and where to withdraw the use of masks’ in this afternoon’s meeting.

“Given the current epidemiological and health situation, it is time to start making this decision,” stressed Escudero, who pledged to gradually withdraw his obligation and maintain it in establishments such as retirement homes, hospitals and public transport.

While board chair Juanma Moreno, who is also Andalusia’s health manager, reiterated that she was not in favor “at this time” of removing mandatory masks indoors because current circumstances do not allow us to do so, and stresses that it is a decision that must be taken on the basis of “technical, scientific and not political criteria”.

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