The Great Monte Debate (Day 49)


Could there be a big blindside in the Big Brother 24 home this week? At the very least, there have been conversations. Part of that may just be because everyone is locked down for a long time, but conversations are still conversations! At the very least, there’s some interesting talk about Monte and whether or not to keep him around this week.

Michael, to no one’s surprise, is one of the main people thinking about it. He realizes that Monte is a threat to his future, mainly because he is a good social player who can also win competitions. Meanwhile, Jasmine is horrible in a ton of competitions and doesn’t have a game resume to speak of. He is an easy person to lead to the end.

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However, this is where we start to see a difference between Michael’s and Brittany’s matches today. Brittany has been more in the pro-Monte camp, and they continue to be the way. She didn’t tell Michael everything about what Monte said, including her plans to target him in the final five. She also probably knows that Michael might be unbeatable late on and needs more challengers as we get deeper into the game. Also, remaining Monte means another target beyond her and Michael. No one will want Jasmine to come out any further, and she will definitely team up with Terrance and Alyssa in the future, especially if any information comes out about the remains.

It’s true that we don’t know for sure what’s going on outside with Dyre Fest; there has been no feeding since Saturday evening. For now we have to unfortunately assume that Terrance, Kyle and Alyssa are still working together, Terrance didn’t use the veto and Joseph will be kicked out – that means Michael would be in HUGE trouble if he got rid of Monte . He’s by far the biggest threat left and he probably can’t play HoH.

If you were Michael in big brother 24, what would you like to do?

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