The expulsion “debate” (day 35)


The last big brother 23 the eviction show is just under 48 hours away – so what can you expect to see unfold during this one?

Well, we’d like to say there’s a real debate going on about who to deport right now… but there really isn’t. Christian and Alyssa have continued to campaign tirelessly and have offered offers to everyone from former Jokers to householder Derek X. – who can’t even vote. The problem has little to do with trust; it has to do with the size of the threat Christian poses. It’s a chance to get rid of someone who would be incredibly dangerous later in the game.

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One of the funniest quirks about our current situation in the game is that if Christian leaves, the only team captain still in play will be Claire – who could be in danger over the next few weeks due to her intelligence.

The only real drama surrounding Christian in the game right now is whether or not everyone tells him he’ll be kicked out beforehand – Britini debated that, while Derek F. lied to him and told him already promised a vote. The problem of being too much fishy with him is that Alyssa stays in the game. For this reason, there are long-term consequences if you burn her – she could win a householder and come after you.

For now, it looks like the target is Sarah Beth, but we’ll have to wait and see if that turns out to be the case in the long run.

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