The electoral debate! (day 32)


Is this week going to be one of the most interesting debates in Big Brother Canada 10 in terms of deportation? It sure feels like it!

For now, let’s take a closer look at where things stand right now: Moose remains on the block, and he’s now up there with Tynesha, who is the replacement candidate. This could be a pretty close vote when all is said and done! Moose has certainly campaigned harder than Tynesha, who operates more from a position of security. Initially, Moose acted like he wasn’t going to campaign much, and while he still wasn’t completely throwing his opponent under the bus, he made some good points.

Ultimately, Moose knows he’s a possible threat and shield, and he can use that to his advantage. Kevin and Haleena are certainly aware of that in particular, and there’s this possibility of a three-way pact with Josh where they could all work together in secret and pass information to each other from different sides of the house. They haven’t really talked about it in depth, but it’s an interesting thing to consider as the game progresses.

We think what Josh wants could be a big part of the decision this week, and whatever happens from here could roughly dictate where the season goes the rest of the way. We know Gino and Jacey-Lynne are clearly on one side, and they’ve smoothed things over with Mary. For now, Kevin and Haleena might be over there. Betty, Summer, and Tynesha are all pretty strong together, and they can be formidable on their own. Just remember there are nine people voting this week, and Jess holds no power as HoH with that in mind. A combination of Kevin, Josh, Haleena, Gino, and Jacey-Lynne could theoretically control everything if they wanted to.

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