Supply Committee Debate 2022, Day 7: Edwin Tong on a strong, caring and inclusive Singapore


In these unprecedented difficult times, Singapore will redouble its efforts to strengthen the ties that bind its people together. Taking that pledge to Parliament on Thursday March 10, Culture, Community and Youth Minister Edwin Tong outlined various ways to achieve this. He said the arts, heritage and sports sectors are the “essential social glue” that binds Singaporeans together and gives them a sense of belonging. Therefore, an additional $12 million will go to supporting the arts and culture sector in fiscal year 2022, to build on the gains made through the previous COVID-19 resilience program. The conditions for the self-employed in the sector will be improved. Meanwhile, S$20 million will be committed to “bringing the sport back”, including safely reintroducing mass participation events and stepping up community programmes. A Para Sport Academy will be launched to give people with disabilities more opportunities to pursue their sporting ambitions at a competitive level. Mr. Tong announced reviews of the Community Dispute Management Framework and Interracial and Religious Circles of Trust. He also disclosed that the National Heritage Board is working to make Padang a national monument on the National Day this year.


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