RTL Today – Chamber of Deputies: Debate on petition against vaccine mandate lasts more than two hours


While the first debate remained mostly civilized, some MPs criticized that it revolved more around vaccines in general than a vaccine mandate.

Two petitions are debated on Wednesday in the Chamber of Deputies. The first positions itself against the introduction of a vaccination mandate. Approximately 11,500 people have signed this petition, making it the fifth most signed public petition.

The woman behind the petition says she thinks everyone should be free to choose whether they want to get vaccinated or not. She argues that not everyone has the same risk of getting sick, that the vaccine does not protect against infection, and that no one knows how many doses are still needed. The petitioner is also concerned about potential side effects which may not have been discovered so far.

The petitioner, who claims not to be part of the antivax movement, was joined by a Nobel laureate, Professor Luc Montagnier. The French virologist discovered HIV, i.e. the virus that causes AIDS, in 1983. However, today the 89-year-old is best known for his rather bizarre opinions on vaccines against HIV. Covid-19. Montagnier claims they are “poisonous” and cause mutations. It also clarifies that the coronavirus “is neither plague nor cholera” and that the Omicron variant is “rather harmless”.

Dr. Romain Blum is also against “forced vaccination”, but not against vaccination in general. But side effects, “we are facing a tsunami,” says the dentist. Dr. Blum also argued that the vaccine is less effective against current variants. He thinks the debate on a vaccine mandate should be postponed until new vaccines are available.

Another woman spoke of her experience with side effects she claims were caused by the vaccine, including Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Following these testimonies, the Minister of Health Paulette Lenert warned against trivializing the virus, which is “not just a little flu”. Lenert said if anyone had an alternative way out of the current situation, she would be “beyond grateful.” She acknowledged that introducing a mandate on vaccines is not an easy decision, but stressed that politicians must take responsibility.

The petitioners were pleased to have been able to express their opinions. Some MPs have criticized that the debate has revolved more around ‘yes or no vaccines’ rather than ‘yes or no mandate vaccines’.

Following this first debate, MEPs will discuss a second petition which takes a stand against the use of “genetic vaccines” for children. This petition is supported by Dr. Benoît Ochs.


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