Restaurant waiter’s viral TikTok sparks debate over customer habits


Commenters on a viral video have been torn after a user complained about a customer habit they claim all restaurant workers find annoying.

Posted by user @romansparkles, the TikTok is captioned “Every time” and received 12,200 votes and nearly 1,000 comments last week.

With a voiceover introducing the viral video as “Things that annoy ALL waiters and bartenders”, @romansparkles simulated taking orders from a table.

“Hi guys, I’ll be your server here. Anything I can get you started?” the TikTok creator asked a group of imaginary customers.

After receiving several orders for “a coke and a water”, @romansparkles questioned the restaurant’s fake customers and explained how annoying it was when real customers didn’t drink the two drinks they ordered at the start of the day. ‘a meal.

“If I bring you the Coke and the water, you drink all the water, right?” @romansparkles continued. “Because if it’s full by the time I come back and you’re gone, I beat your f***** ga**.”

Recently, Newsweek reported on a series of bad interactions between restaurant customers and staff members, including a situation in which a waitress was fired for telling a customer’s husband that his eyes were “burning him”.

A restaurant waiter revealed an ‘annoying’ customer habit in a viral TikTok.
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In a list published by Off The Cook, the food site dedicated to “people who are serious about food, but don’t take food too seriously” includes a myriad of annoying customer habits and recommendations on how to to behave properly in a restaurant setting.

From not showing up at a scheduled reservation time, to asking for a bill to be split “100” ways, to eating and rushing, Off The Cook has revealed countless ways for a customer to harm restaurant staff.

Ordering a soda and water, and not drinking water, however was not included.

To conclude the viral TikTok, @romansparkles returned to the table to find several empty soda glasses, and four water glasses that remained filled to the brim.

“These motherfuckers!” exclaimed the TikToker.

In the comments section of TikTok, users were left conflicted. While some commenters agreed with the viral video about annoying customer habits, others expressed displeasure with the restaurant server’s complaints.

“Half of these people in the comments have never worked in a restaurant and it shows,” TikTok user @emmathepriest wrote, defending @romansparkles.

“You obviously miss the point,” added another user. “People always ask for water and don’t even touch it. What was the point of ordering them not to drink it?”

TikTok user @beccaaaa_19 commented that people who don’t understand the viral video probably have never worked in a restaurant.

“Those who don’t understand clearly haven’t worked in the service industry,” they wrote.

In a scathing response, user @christina_angelique5 said social media posts like this viral TikTok make customers hesitate before deciding to dine at a restaurant.

“Is there anything servers and bartenders aren’t complaining about these days?” they commented. “It makes people not want to go out.

“Brother if this pisses you off as a waiter you need to start applying for another job,” another user added.

Responding to users bashing TikTok, @romansparkles explained why servers find it “annoying” when customers don’t finish the drinks they’ve ordered.

“Nobody cares if you get water,” they commented. “We care about an unnecessary mess.”

Newsweek contacted @romansparkles for comment.


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