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On rare occasions, the internet does things right!

A debate over kitchen toys for boys sparks an avalanche of heartwarming images of children playing.

Recently, some Holiday Scrooges took to the internet to share their loud and misguided feelings about why boys shouldn’t receive or play with kitchen toy sets after a photo of a toddler in his state of the art faux stainless steel kitchen has gone viral. While many people pointed to the homophobic element in the room, others rushed to point out the male-dominated world of culinary arts and the ridiculousness of shaming a child for playing with kitchen toys.

The debate quickly spread across social media sites with many responding to the silly uproar by sharing photos and videos of their male children and family members happily playing with their kitchen utensils. “My nephews keep cooking up imaginary bomb meals at grandma’s – people are putting way too much pressure on the kids!” wrote one Twitter user.

“Boy Cut Daddy [a] put a cake in your KITCHEN SET!! one Facebook user captioned a photo of him and his son playing.

Many more continued to share adorable photos of kids playing, spreading much needed holiday cheer across our timelines. Check out some of our favorites below.

Shout out to all the black boys learning to fend for themselves in their kitchens. We can’t wait to see what you’ll cook!

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