Neighborhood wreck sparks debate over speed bumps and speeders


BATON ROUGE — Last Wednesday night, two cars collided on the South Point Subdivision in Denham Springs. It reignited a conversation a mom is having about slowing people down in her neighborhood.

Heather Stafford moved to South Point about four years ago. She says that over those years there have been several incidents involving speeders right outside her front door.

“It seems like no one cares to slow down,” Stafford said.

The speed limit on his street is 20 mph. Stafford says it’s mostly neighborhood traffic, but a lot of people are going over the speed limit. Last week was the first time she had seen wreckage, but it was not the first incident.

“Someone hit the mailbox, that post got pulled, our neighbor’s truck got hit.”

Stafford’s goal is to slow traffic and get drivers to obey the speed limit. So far, she says her ideas have met with resistance from the HOA. Stafford says the HOA is concerned the speed bumps will cause drainage problems since rainwater runs off one side of the street.

“If we staggered the speed bumps it would help with the drainage and not block it as much,” she said.

Stafford says she’s talked to some of her neighbors who are on board with the idea. She works to spread the word.

Since South Point Drive is a parish road, anything Stafford suggests would ultimately have to be discussed and approved by the parish council. After gaining support from his neighborhood, the next step would be to get on the agenda.

“It’s not impossible, we’re just going to have to stick together and make it happen.”

With two young children, Stafford fears letting them play outside. The sinking happened just after they went to bed last week. She hopes that one day she can walk around the neighborhood with her family and not worry about getting hit.


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