Moms spark debate over normal washing amount as some say they do four loads EVERY DAY


A mum sparked an online debate by asking other parents how much laundry they do each week…and the answers varied wildly.

Some only charged the machine once or twice a week, while one person said she did four washes a day just to keep the load under control.


People share how much washing they do per week and there’s a huge range of answersCredit: Getty

The conversation was started by a mom who wanted to figure out what was “normal.”

Speaking to Mumsnet, she said: “Inspired by the poor [mum] who does four loads a day… tell me your laundry schedule.

“Mine is very simple: two children and a baby in cloth diapers.

“One load a day – put on an eco cycle before bed and take it out the next morning before work.

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“If I’m sick or drunk or dizzy, my schedule is a day behind and I don’t care. ‘Because I don’t exist to do your laundry.’

“If someone [wets] the bed, I’m willing to do an extra load. But I’ll talk about it.”

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Lots of other people waded in to share their clothes cleaning routines and compare notes.

One person said: “At least one a day, with two or three a day a few times a week.

“There are six of us in the house, two of whom [children] with a disability, [a child] who do various uniformed clubs/activities, as well as school stuff.”

While another family with two adults and two children explained that they banned washing during the week and only did a load or two on Saturdays.

They said: “Laundry is only ever done on Saturdays.

“Two loads on a Saturday. Hung to dry on the ceiling lines in the sunny playroom/veranda – dry and put away on Sunday evening.

“We have a rule of never doing laundry unless it’s a Saturday, be careful we hate doing it – and have enough clothes bought from eBay, Vinted and Market lots to make this possible. .”

But another person explained that she had to do three loads a day just to keep things going.

She said: “Probably about three a day. Four children, one with special needs and a husband who works twice in uniforms.”

To which the original poster replied, “I don’t envy you.

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“I’ve already convinced my family that I’m basically Mary Poppins because I work full time and can barely manage a household.

“If they knew other women were doing three bloody loads a day, they might fire me.”


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