“misanthropic”? The debate in the Bundestag on a transsexual in a place reserved for women


The controversy over Bundestag MP Tessa Ganserer (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), who identifies as a woman, sparked heated discussions between AfD MP Beatrix von Storch and the other parties during a debate in Bundestag on International Women’s Day on March 8, which was postponed until yesterday.

Stork quipped in her speech that the majority of parliamentarians present were “abolitionist women” “because you, almost everyone here, buy into gender ideology.” She added that the ideology puts women and girls at risk, citing a case where women felt harassed by a trans woman in a dressing room after inserting her bare penis there.

Von Storch also used the topic to draw attention to transgender politician Ganserer, who was elected to the Bundestag thanks to the women’s quota. In this regard, the “Gender Counts” initiative had criticized Ganserer’s entry into the Bundestag as “an abuse of the women’s quota” within the Greens and had even spoken of electoral fraud, since Ganserer had not operationally adjusted the gender and had never officially changed marital status. . In this sense, von Storch also argued:

If colleague Markus Ganserer wears a skirt, lipstick, heels, then that’s perfectly fine. But that’s his private business. Biologically and legally, he is and will remain a man. And if he enters the Bundestag as such via the green women’s quota and is listed here as a woman, that is simply illegal.

The AfD politician noted that proponents of gender ideology “would claim that gender has nothing to do with biology and that everyone can somehow determine their own gender.” She lamented the heinous way in which critics of this ideology were now persecuted. According to von Storch, the trans question has now taken on “totalitarian” traits. Looking at the human anatomy, she added:

Anyone who so openly denies nature, truth, must declare the truth itself a crime and whoever speaks the truth a criminal.

The discourse of the AfD deputies met with incomprehension, in particular among the Bundestag deputies of the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen party. Many members of the group interrupted the speech with heckling. However, von Storch went on to explain that Ganserer had revealed that the Greens’ women’s quota made no sense: “If Robert Habeck had called himself Roberta at the right time, Roberta would probably now be Chancellor. According to the deputy, the Ganserer affair shows that it makes a difference “whether you dress as a woman or whether you are a woman”.

During the debate, von Storch pointed out that she “explicitly said that everyone can do whatever they want in private”. However, there are certain conditions “under which you can legally change your gender”. Ganserer has made a conscious decision not to in the past, von Storch noted.

Legally, Ganserer is male and ran under his male birth name Markus in the federal election last September. The politician refuses to change his sex from male to female on the grounds that the procedure provided for in the law on transsexuals is “degrading”. Opposite the weekly taz Ganserer said, “A penis is not in itself a male sexual organ.” Ganserer himself is married to a woman. The couple have two children together.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) called Storch’s statements a “shame” and announced that “all parties except the AfD” would oppose the AfD politician’s “inhuman speech”.

Federal government “queer commissioner” Sven Lehmann said trans women are women and Ganserer is also a woman. The position of “queer officer” was created by the federal government at the beginning of the year in order to work in collaboration with all those who are involved in projects of “queer politics”.

Beatrix von Storch is not alone in criticizing transgender ideology. The author of the Harry Potter books, Joanne K. Rowling, has increasingly criticized the escalation of debate over transgender issues in recent years. Rowling has come under fire for her controversial statements on the subject. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also criticized the West’s treatment of traditional genres in the past. Late last year, he told a press conference:

“If someone thinks that woman and man are the same, well, fine. But there is common sense.”

In Putin’s eyes, Russia can defend itself against this “obscurantism” of the West with the help of traditional values. He went on to say that all the peoples of Russia have “a certain internal moral protection against the obscurantism” of the West:

“Let them do what they want. We must embrace whatever is progressive and good for our development. But I hope our people have a deep internal immune system against such obscurantism.

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