Latest from the Queen’s Speech: Boris Johnson and Sir Keir Starmer debate the politics of the speech


Oris Johnson and Sir Keir Starmer debated the content of the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday afternoon after ministers pledged to ‘boost’ Britain’s economy.

It comes after Prince Charles opened Parliament for the first time, delivering the Queen’s Speech, after the monarch pulled out of the event for the first time in 59 years.

Buckingham Palace announced on Monday that the Queen, 96, would not attend the event due to “episodic mobility issues”. Her son, the Prince of Wales, will deliver the speech on her behalf and Prince William will also be present.

The speech featured 38 bills, including seven measures scrapping EU regulation – covering areas ranging from data reform to gene editing to financial services.

It also contains measures aimed at suppressing “guerrilla protests” with prison sentences of up to six months and unlimited fines for those who stick to roads or “lock down” public transport infrastructure.



Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Queen’s Speech.

Prince Charles will present the government’s legislative program from 11:30 a.m. and will replace the Queen, who has stepped down due to “episodic mobility issues”.

The ceremony will begin with Prince Charles leading the royal procession through Parliament and the House of Lords, with the Imperial State Crown carried before him.

A senior officer – named the Black Rod – will then summon the members of the House of Commons.

Prince Charles will then read the speech in the House of Lords. The monarch will then leave the hemicycle and a new parliamentary session will begin.

A debate between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labor over the content of the speech will follow.


Pictured: Yeoman of the guard takes part in the traditional ‘ceremonial speech’

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Queen’s Viewing Ceremony from Windsor Castle

The Queen is understood to be watching the proceedings on television from Windsor Castle.

She will have her weekly telephone audience with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday.


Imperial Crown carried to the Palace of Westminster

The Regalia – the Imperial State Crown, the Servicing Cap and the Sword of State – were transported to the Palace of Westminster in three State Limousines ahead of the Queen’s Speech.

In years past the tokens would have traveled in a horse-drawn carriage, but this year vehicles are being used and a State limousine will also transport the royal party later.


PM leaves Downing St for Queen’s Speech


Home Office ministers ‘must tackle shameful collapse of prosecutions’

Shadow Police Minister Sarah Jones has slammed the Government’s Public Order Bill after being briefed ahead of the Queen’s Speech.

She said: ‘Home Office ministers should ask themselves why they are not taking action to tackle the disgraceful collapse of prosecutions, putting more rapists behind bars or cracking down on criminal fraudsters who cheat the vulnerable.

“After more than a decade of Conservative government, victims of crime are left behind. The government is completely out of ideas, and communities across the country are paying the price.


The Duke of Cambridge enters the Palace of Westminster

The Duke of Cambridge is escorted into the Palace of Westminster, joined by Black Rod – who will summon MPs from the House of Commons.

He will be waiting in the dressing room, where the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will arrive shortly.

Sky News

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall arrive for the ceremony

The Duchess of Cornwall and the Prince of Wales now enter the Palace of Westminster to the sound of the national anthem.

They will soon join the Duke of Cambridge in the dressing room.

Charles will then lead the royal motorcade to Parliament to begin the ceremony.


Pictured: The crown is carried into the palace


Charles arrives at the Palace of Westminster

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