Kmart buyer question sparks heated Christmas debate


Mom is causing a stir after arguing that you should put up your Christmas decorations in SEPTEMBER

  • Young woman sparked debate on ‘right’ time for Christmas
  • The woman asked a Facebook group when they put on their decorations
  • Some people start as early as September while others wait until December 24.

A young woman has sparked a heated debate after asking a group of Kmart buyers when they start decorating their homes for Christmas.

“Curious when everyone will start putting together Christmas decor,” posted the woman in popular hack and decorating group Kmart.

The question, posted on September 28, quickly took off and has over 500 comments – with some admitting that they’ve already started putting on the garlands.

Young woman sparked heated debate after asking a group of Kmart buyers when to start decorating their home for Christmas

This has led to criticism from those who think the decorations before December 1 are bad luck or “unclassified”.

“Do it around Christmas time, or at least wait until December 1, have control over yourself please,” one woman said.

‘December 1. I was always taught that it was bad luck to ride it earlier and remove it after January 1, ”said another.

But some have a more relaxed, even quirky, approach.

“On November 1, as I decorate every tree in my yard, literally hundreds of balls and lots of lights, then inside on December 1,” one woman wrote.

Others admit to having “thrown the rule book” in favor of the early celebration of the holiday season.


When do you put up your Christmas decorations?

  • September 2 voices
  • October 5 voices
  • November 26 votes
  • December 54 votes
  • They are standing all year round 1 voice

“November 1 because I can’t help myself and refuse to accept the idea that the Christmas decorations only last a month,” said one woman.

Another agreed and said she was installing them early because she likes her house to be spotless by January 1.

Some have planted their Christmas tree very early.

“I put mine on yesterday when they arrived in the mail,” admitted one mother.

“My daughter is putting it on now,” said another, who was applauded for her honesty.

“Everyone should take a sheet of your book. There is too much sadness in this world, as long as we don’t hurt anyone we should all be doing what makes us happy, ”said one woman.

But others have said they want their Christmas decorations to be in place for a shorter period of time.

Buyers shared photos of decorations already on store shelves

Buyers shared photos of decorations already on store shelves

“I would love to install it on Christmas Eve and take them apart on Boxing Day!” But my family calls me the Grinch so I usually do it the 2nd week of December but they are still down on Boxing Day. FYI, I’m not the Grinch – I just don’t like clutter, ”she said.

Others said they put their Halloween decorations away and put up their Christmas decorations the same weekend.

Some said that the decorating schedule was not entirely up to them.

“The kids and I wanted to start now, but we were convinced not to do it yet by the Grinch in our house,” a mother laughed.



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