Herschel backpack ad sparks debate on women’s safety


A backpack ad raised eyebrows after encouraging people to talk to a stranger, sparking a heated debate over women’s safety.

The Herschel ad could be seen on a billboard and was simply a black screen with the words “say hello to a stranger” written on it.

While the intention was presumably to encourage social interaction, many pointed out that the ad seemed to ignore women’s safety altogether, making such a suggestion.

“Tell me you didn’t put your ad in front of women without telling me you didn’t put your ad in front of women,” one person wrote on Twitter after walking past the board.

The announcement was shared on Twitter (Credit: Twitter / Lizzie Logan)

She added, “If this was an ad for a dating app? Maybe. But it’s for a backpack company. Why yyyyyy.”

“I- the last time I was nice and chatted with a stranger, he followed me out of the theater and to my car and only retreated when another person came. ‘is presented. SOOOOO NO, I WILL NOT TALK TO FOREIGNERS, “one woman wrote after spotting the tweeter.

As another confirmed, “If I was walking on the subway and a man walked up to me and said ‘This ad gave me the courage to get on with it, hello!’ I would fear for my life “.

Of course, there were some men who didn’t see the problem.

“These are words on a fucking wall,” wrote one person in response to outrage.

While another wrote, “Okay, let’s never talk to anyone, ever.”

Women were quick to explain the advertising problem (Credit: Twitter)
Women were quick to explain the advertising problem (Credit: Twitter)

A third man complained: “It’s pretty normal to say hello to anyone who walks past you, unless they’re doing everything they can to avoid eye contact and obviously don’t want to be spoken to. is quite rare “.

Responding to enemies, another woman wrote: “Hey men comment on that by saying it’s okay or we’re ‘too sensitive’ the point is way beyond you. Stop talking and listen for once.

“I’m a small and young woman. Saying hello to a random man on the subway might well make him think I’m interested and follow me.

“It wouldn’t be the first time that a man has misinterpreted my simple kindness as an interest and pursued me.”

Ad sparks important conversation about women's safety (Shutterstock)
Ad sparks important conversation about women’s safety (Shutterstock)

As another argued: “Maybe Idk because a lot of women have to be careful who they talk to since they have no way of knowing who is a rapist or not? It’s like saying “not all men” when there is really enough that argument entirely denies the problem without really solving it. “

Tyla contacted Herschel for comment.


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