Debate on the replacement candidates (day 5)


In the wake of the first competition for the right of veto in big brother 24, there was room for some things to get a little jostled around.

Did it happen? Sure, but maybe not in the way everyone would like. For those who missed it, Michael won the veto and that in itself was cause for celebration. He needed it! We’re talking about a really likable underdog here and someone who really loves the game. The fact that he channeled Janelle before the Veto was also super endearing.

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As for the hours following the Veto, Daniel found himself faced with a truly difficult decision. What do you do in this situation? How do you make sure you target the right person? He oscillated between Indy and Taylor for part of the night, but Alyssa and Paloma in particular pushed hard for Taylor – the latter insisting on it and going around the house about it after the fact.

The situation with Taylor as a guest is super frustrating for a lot of reasons, mostly because it’s hard to really pinpoint what she did wrong. Paloma tried to pretend she wasn’t “girls’ girl” enough and that’s a problem, but Paloma works with some of the guys too! It seemed like a problem all along for some reason she was in the contests, and maybe there’s an overriding concern that she can’t be controlled and that’s a cause of what we see. The reason Paloma would want to keep Indy is because she’s easier to control.

Incidentally, we think Paloma feels like she’s running the house – yet she’s also so blatantly transparent in what she does that it’ll bite her down the road. Everyone is making her happy right now because no one wants to be the first person out of the game.

From now on, Taylor will be the replacement candidate – but we’ll see how things go.

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