Biden campaign and Facebook argue publicly on debate day


Facebook’s refusal to suppress voter misinformation shared by the president was tantamount to the company becoming the “main propagator of disinformation in the country about the voting process,” wrote Jen O’Malley Dillion, Biden campaign manager , in the letter, obtained by CNN.

The details of the letter were first reported by Axios.

In recent weeks, Trump and his campaign have published false or unfounded allegations about the integrity of the November election and the voting process.

In most cases, rather than removing these bogus claims, Facebook has tagged them with authoritative information. A similar strategy is used by Twitter.

In his letter, to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, O’Malley Dillion specifically pointed to a video of the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., touting baseless allegations of rigged elections to recruit an “army” for his father.

She wrote: “No company that sees itself as a force for good in democracy, and that claims to take voter suppression seriously, would allow this dangerous trap to spread to millions of people. Deleting this video would have must have been the simplest of easy calls under your policies, but it stays in place today. “

In response, Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in a statement Tuesday, “While many Republicans think we should take a course, many Democrats think we should do the exact opposite. take more action to restrict exactly the same content. We have rules in place to protect the integrity of the election and freedom of expression, and we will continue to apply them impartially. “

The Biden campaign sent several letters to Facebook calling on the company to take more aggressive action against the president.

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