Anger as Boebert refers to ‘jihad squad’ in debate over Republican video depicting AOC murder


Lauren Boebert called Ilhan Omar “a member of the Minnesota jihad squad” during a House debate on Wednesday.

Ms Boebert has come under heavy criticism on social media for the inflammatory comment during a debate over whether Paul Gosar should be censored for posting an anime clip depicting the murder of Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez.

Ms Boebert also spread an unfounded defamation that Ms Omar paid $ 1 million in campaign funds to “her husband, not her brother-husband but the other”.

“As she insults her colleagues and blows racist whistles, residents of her district are struggling to cope,” wrote Donald Valdez, a Democrat who is running to topple Ms Boebert in the 3rd Congressional District of the Colorado.

Bakari Sellers, a former congressman from South Carolina, said, “How is Lauren Boebert a congressman?

“It’s racist and disgusting,” another person wrote on Twitter.

SE Cupp, a CNN contributor and host, said, “There are just no words for Boebert. She doesn’t deserve it and I don’t want to try.

“Just vile shit,” said Christopher Mathias, reporter for the Huffington Post.

Aaron Rupar, a journalist who tracks right-wing extremism, said: “Today was a good reminder of the consequences that the GOP would take control of one or both houses of Congress after the mid-terms.

“It’s an unbalanced, dangerous, fanatic, irremediable party.”

Squad is a term used to describe progressive and minority members of the Democratic Party in the House of Congress, including Ms. Omar, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib.

On Tuesday, the home of Ms Boebert’s former campaign manager, Tina Peters, was raided by the FBI.


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