A debate by advance vote (day 35)


We are days away from the last Big Brother 24 eviction and because of that, things aren’t quite crazy yet. We expect a crazier campaign in due course, but we’re just not there yet.

So what do we get? Well, for starters, some debate about exactly how the vote will go and how the other side of the house can retaliate. It’s clear as day that Daniel is evicted against Kyle, and the question is whether Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy, and Terrance will just take it easy and vote with the house. Jasmine wonders at this stage because ultimately, what does it matter? They’re all in the pecking order to move forward, aren’t they?

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We know that as viewers we hate unanimous votes because it takes away a lot of the drama. However, it makes good sense in-game. Alyssa is obviously close to Kyle, so she has a very good reason for wanting to keep him around. However, there is an added incentive here in that voting with the remains shows at least some malleability. It’s really hard to see this alliance being the final seven, mainly because Michael has a dream final five that includes some people not in his covenant. Meanwhile, Kyle knows he can’t win against most of these people.

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While we’re not making a big leap this week, we think some players will start thinking about how to use Alyssa, Indy, or Jasmine. For this reason, we believe they will all vote with the house to preserve their options. It’s weird to say it so early, but it’s hard to see anyone outside the Leftovers winning this game. They’ve all made so many mistakes and in some cases they’re totally delusional.

Do you think there will be Big Brother 24 vote upcoming drama?

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